Don Carlos


29669 Alabama 181, Daphne, AL 36526

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A Warm, Professional and Friendly Mexican Restaurant

Our place is beautiful, cozy, friendly, as if stepping into a Traditional Mexican Home including and Outdoors Stone Terrace

We designed our restaurant with our clients in mind, resulting in a place that is ample, varied, with different corners and rooms, accommodating all types of clients and their plans.

One of our satisfactions is watching romantic couples in a cozy corner, friends chatting at the bar or laughing around a table, large families with kids of all ages celebrating a birthday, and different groups getting together periodically. This diversity of people and motives to come to our restaurants tells us that we have succeeded in our vision of "a warm restaurant as if inviting friends to our house".

Every Friday our live music invites patrons to participate singing as in a "real-life karaoke"! Yes, you can bring your lyrics and suggest songs to sing along!

Our bar is also eclectic and has the right tequilas for the right Margaritas, and many liquors needed to create different drinks or to explore your own suggestions.

Our place is not only a restaurant, it invites you to explore yourself, what you want to eat, what you want to drink, with whom do you want to come, do you want to sing... and we're never bothered by the conversations and laughs of our clients we consider our guests.